Interiors, a renowned furniture company in the UAE, has unveiled the latest collection from Lexington Home Brands, USA, featuring home furnishings that are considered trendsetters within the industry.


Interiors has a dedicated gallery within its Dubai showroom to showcase Lexington's award-winning product line. Consumers can choose from the stylish collection of beds, sofas, dining tables, chairs and accessories. A global leader in the design, sourcing, manufacturing and lifestyle marketing of fashionable home furnishings, Lexington's award-winning product line of wood, upholstery and outdoor living designs include the industry's most diverse range of styling, featuring some of the world's most recognized brands like Lexington®, Tommy Bahama Home®, Tommy Bahama Outdoor Living® and Sligh®.

This season's collection offers a wide range of furniture choices for consumers in the UAE. "We have more variety of traditional and contemporary pieces, which will appeal to all. Our collections are created by a talented team of designers who always come up with something different compared to the existing ranges in themarketplace," said David R. Wall. Jr, Middle East Sales Representative for Lexington Home Brands.

Mr Wall recently visited the UAE to seal Lexington's partnership with Interiors. He added: "The UAE market is very important for Lexington.  With this partnership, Lexington will be readily available across the Emirates since Interiors have showrooms in strategic locations within UAE.  The excellent reputation of Interiors makes it a perfect match for Lexington which is also held in high esteem worldwide for their quality and diversity of styling. We definitely plan to continue to grow our business in the region and, hopefully, together with Interiors, we will further expand this partnership with positive results."

Mr Raed Dibs, General Manager of Interiors, commented, "Lexington has always been a leader in the home furnishings arena due to their amazing quality along with the affordability of their products in comparison to their competitors.  The brand introduces no less than four new collections every year that are considered leading fashion trends within the industry.  They are presently available worldwide with leading retailers. We are proud that Lexington Home Brands is now part of Interiors' prestigious portfolio of home furnishing brands and we are the exclusive distributor in the UAE."

Visit the Interiors showrooms located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah to discover the variety of Lexington Home Brands products. For more information please call +971-4-3370116, send an email or visit their website at