1. Summer Collection: In harmony with life

    Our new summer collection “In Harmony with Life”. Reimagining summer décor, this collection brings the peace and serenity of nature into everyday living.Capturing the essence of summer, the new living and dining collection features neutral tones and teal accents inspired by nature’s abundant greenery. The collection exudes a sense of tranquility and vibrant energy, boasting effortlessly elegant statement pieces that blend seamlessly into the home.Eden sectional by Bernhardt A standout piece from the collection, the Eden sectional by Bernhardt features harmoniously curved edges made from the most premium of fabrics and the softest spring-down cushion for maximum comfort. With polished stainless-steel legs to complete the look, families will find this the ultimate spot to unwind, relax and reset at the end of the day. Cherish a little piece of Eden in your home.

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  2. Interiors x Sara Khamis: Home Decor That Radiates With Positive Energy

    Interior designer, Sara Khamis, walks us through her curated collection with Interiors for creating an aesthetically pleasing space that radiates with balanced frequencies and takes you back to a calm and peaceful setting. From neutral tones to an array of textures, patterns, and designs, Sara’s décor and design tips are sure to leave an impression on your household. Explore the collection online and in our showrooms.

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  3. Home Summer Décor with Interiors

    Summer is here and with it comes a whole new aesthetic to home décor and styling techniques. From bright colours to vivid textures, let us walk you through some of the simplest yet most effective tips and tricks that will transform your home in time for summer months.

    Florals and greenery for freshness

    Floral arrangements that focus on a colourful selection of flowers such as Sunflowers, Peonies and Heirloom Roses announce the arrival of summer season. A touch of greenery will bring your space to life and transform it from a muted winter look to a strikingly bright summer look.

    Mirrors to add light and depth

    The use of large mirrors reflects light throughout the living space making it look bigger with added depth.

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  4. Interiors wins Business Excellence Award

    Interiors is proud to have won a Business Excellence Award as part of the Dubai Service Excellence Scheme. Our win in the category of ‘Best Service Performance Brand Award 2022 – Specialized Retail Sector,’ acknowledges the continued mission to always place customer service and loyalty at the heart of everything we do. 

    Through the assessment process we were able to raise our customer service to yet another level of excellence. Our staff has undergone extensive training that allows us to offer our customers superlative service consistently.


    We’ve also dedicated selected staff who now specialise in catering to people of determination. They are fluent in American English Sign Language and have undergone expert training needed when approaching customers of determination. We’ve also revisited

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  5. Eid inspirations with Rasha Abdou


    Let us help you prepare for Eid with this elegant living room decor by Jonathan Charles as styled by our senior interior designer, Rasha Abdou. This specially curated festive decor set up is adorned with an eclectic combination of polished wood finishes, lustrous marble tops and velvety fabrics. Together these combine to create that ultimate luxe look that is befitting of this great occasion. We start off by selecting this stunning sofa set from Jonathan Charles upholstered in velvet beige fabric, featuring a unique geometric shape and tanned wood finish. The contrasting colours of the sofa with the wood adds a touch of understated elegance to the space.

    We have chosen a centerpiece coffee table with travertine marble top by Lexington to layer on textures and materials that would elevate this set up. The table features a uniquely designed metal base brushed with copper finish for

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  6. The Best Lighting for Your Luxury Furniture

    Lighting is one of the most important elements in your space. It can set or ruin the ambience. There are different lighting sources that we must take into consideration when creating the right environment. It is important to think about what you need and how you plan to use your space, only then will a range of lighting effects help create the desired look.

    A natural light source (sunlight) works very well, as it is mentally stimulating and can be controlled by adding interesting draperies/sheers. This can also create a whimsical moment at certain times of the day.

    To highlight features or create zones, artificial lighting can be used which adds layers to the space. Warm light is the most popular choice. General lighting provides a uniform glow all over the space,

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  7. Choosing the Right Kind of Luxury Furniture for Your Living Room

    The living room is usually a space we spend most of our time in and entertain our guests. When furnishing the living room we must tackle the main elements before focusing on details such as sofa sets, occasional tables, and console units.


    Style: Since the sofa is the most prominent element when anchoring the space we must first identify the style choice, is it classic, modern or contemporary. This will set the mood of the space.

    Size: Secondly, the size of the space will determine the sofa dimensions. The space availability should be considered to avoid any misplacement. Shape: When looking for a sofa, the shape is critical as this sets the mood. An L-shape sofa provides a cozier ambience, where as separate elements

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  8. Dining Room Decor Inspiration


    Elevate your dining room experience this new year. Explore what our Interior Designer Ghalia Saeed has

    curated from colors, textures, accents and materials in order to bring out a truly authentic dining room decor befitting of the modern home.

    You can view our NEXT by Scappini collection at your nearest Interiors showroom. 


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  9. 2022 home decor trends with Nisrine El Lababidi


    Seeking home design inspiration for this year?

    Check out what Interior Designer Nisrine El Lababidi from Harf Noon Design Studio has

    to say about the latest colors, styles and materials in trend for 2022. 


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    Interiors, the leading luxury furniture destination in the UAE, showcases their most-loved seasonal pieces just in time for the holidays. As home gathering are on the rise during the most wonderful time of the year, Interiors presents an array of unique, elegant, and eye-catching pieces that will elevate any space through adding texture and design to reflect the ambience of the winter months, and which also makes for unique gifting ideas. The collection features distinctive asymmetric and geometric shapes along with neutral colors that amplify all forms of designs.

    Interior’s top picks from Uttermost accessories, a prestigious fashion-forward brand that offers quality designs, provides a selection of cool and sleek items to elevate any home during the holiday period.



    Abella C

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