The Best Lighting for Your Luxury Furniture

April 04, 2022
The Best Lighting for Your Luxury Furniture

Lighting is one of the most important elements in your space. It can set or ruin the ambience. There are different lighting sources that we must take into consideration when creating the right environment. It is important to think about what you need and how you plan to use your space, only then will a range of lighting effects help create the desired look.

A natural light source (sunlight) works very well, as it is mentally stimulating and can be controlled by adding interesting draperies/sheers. This can also create a whimsical moment at certain times of the day.

To highlight features or create zones, artificial lighting can be used which adds layers to the space. Warm light is the most popular choice. General lighting provides a uniform glow all over the space, whereas ambient lighting is indirect and softer.

Similar to task lighting, accent lighting is used to highlight a particular feature in a room such as accessories, sculptures, paintings, and under illuminated spaces.