New Year, New Space: Embracing a Fresh Start with Interiors

December 27, 2023
New Year, New Space: Embracing a Fresh Start with Interiors

Every New Year is an invitation to start afresh. It’s a time of renewal, to breathe new life, to be inspired!

At Interiors Furniture, we believe that the homes we occupy should mirror our renewed aspirations. As a new chapter unfolds in your life, it’s also an opportunity to reshape the space where it happens. In collaboration with the Dubai Shopping Festival, Interiors invites you to give your home a makeover. Keeping with our ethos of “New Year, New Space”, this offer celebrates the transformative power of thoughtfully designed living spaces. With great offers, up to 70% Off on our most exclusive collections, explore this curated selection which encompasses the pinnacle of high design and luxurious comfort.


Revamping the Living Room

The living room is the soul of every home, where the most cherished memories are made. It’s where you spend time with your family, host your loved ones, and unwind after a long day. As you usher in the New Year, look to upgrade your living room with furniture that mirrors your ambitions for the year ahead.

From plush sofas to elegant coffee tables, you’ll find an exquisite array of artisanal living room pieces at Interiors, each crafted to elevate your living space. Every item is designed to look classy and add a touch of comfort and convenience.


The Role of Elegant Décor

Elegant décor is all about the fusion of form and function, of class and convenience; a philosophy that’s embodied in each of our products.

With prestigious brands such as Uttermost, Amax, NDI and Cyan Design, our range offers exquisite pieces that accentuate every space. Pieces such as the Uttermost Spherical Mini Lamp and the Claire Candle Holders add an ambiance of softness and warmth. For a more whimsical touch, consider adding pieces such as the Courtship Figurineto add a romantic touch, or Metal Tulips for an artistic flair to your home.


How to Integrate New Products Into Your Space

Integrating new accessories and furniture into your home requires a creative eye and a definite plan. If you’re looking to revamp your home for the New Year, consider rearranging your existing furniture in a way that highlights your new accessories. Use lighting to accentuate the features and intricate designs of each piece. Mix and match textures and materials for a layered look. In most instances, less is indeed more, so choose a few pieces that highlight your style and let them stand out. Finally, we recommend experimenting till you find the perfect look- unexpected placements and combinations often provide the most delightful visual impact.


 In addition to experimenting, you can also explore a complementary Interior Design consultation . Our highly skilled designers are here to help you revamp your space for the new year. This New Year, let Interiors furniture guide you on your journey in redefining your living space. As we usher a new beginning that’s full of promise and hope, we invite you to explore our exquisite collections and exclusive DSF offers. For more inspirations and to view our full range, visit the Interiors Furniture website


We wish you a very happy New Year, and look forward to welcoming you in our stores soon.