Choosing the Right Kind of Luxury Furniture for Your Living Room

04 April, 2022

The living room is usually a space we spend most of our time in and entertain our guests. When furnishing the living room we must tackle the main elements before focusing on details such as sofa sets, occasional tables, and console units.


Style: Since the sofa is the most prominent element when anchoring the space we must first identify the style choice, is it classic, modern or contemporary. This will set the mood of the space.

Size: Secondly, the size of the space will determine the sofa dimensions. The space availability should be considered to avoid any misplacement. Shape: When looking for a sofa, the shape is critical as this sets the mood. An L-shape sofa provides a cozier ambience, where as separate elements creates a formal appearance.

Fabric: Material selection is significant and determines the vibe. If kids are present, it would be easier to opt for darker colours with easy wash upholstery, whereas if this is a more formal seating, Nabuk leather or velvet may be considered.

Coffee tables should be selected to fit with the sofa. Proportion is the key element when deciding on the kind of occasional tables as these could be used for accessorizing. Glass tables make space light and airy, however, with children at home, it is best to reconsider to wood, marble, metal to avoid any fingerprints.

Rugs are another important element as they frame the space and pull it altogether. It is crucial to add a rug that fits perfectly and does make your space look smaller. A rule of thumb, all the furniture’s front legs should sit on top of the rug.