Discover a World of Classic & Modern Italian Furniture Designs at Interiors

30 June, 2022

Over five decades of design and inspiration come together to offer a stunning range of exquisite Italian furniture. With focus on innovation, quality materials and skilled craftsmanship, our classical and contemporary Italian furniture collections showcase unique designs to suit every style and taste; and is renowned for its finesse. At Interiors we offer the widest range of classical Italian collections of furniture. We partner with brands who believe in well-crafted and authentic pieces of furniture. These brands include The Fine Art of Fejomi and Scappini & C. amongst others. The Fine Art of Fejomi has been in the market for over 34 years and has evolved over time in creativity and productivity, without ever losing sight of the handcrafted nature of their furniture. Whereas a quality focused approach, attention to details and a sophisticated style are the distinctive features of SCAPPINI & C. These classical collections focus on the most minute details and handcrafted designs which transform these curated pieces into works of art within any home or space.  



In keeping with the growing demand, Interiors has also added a contemporary and modern line of furniture that are also Italian-made. These collections include distinct furniture by Cornelio Cappeliini, Giorgio Collection, Stone International, Next by Scappini, Alf Italia, Nicoletti and more. The common thread amongst this unique line of furniture is refined simplicity, dynamism, liveliness and beauty. A standout aspect of these designs is the synergy is created between the quality of raw materials and highly engineered systems making each piece of furniture long lasting.