Home Summer Décor with Interiors

May 31, 2022
Home Summer Décor with Interiors

Summer is here and with it comes a whole new aesthetic to home décor and styling techniques. From bright colours to vivid textures, let us walk you through some of the simplest yet most effective tips and tricks that will transform your home in time for summer months.

Florals and greenery for freshness

Floral arrangements that focus on a colourful selection of flowers such as Sunflowers, Peonies and Heirloom Roses announce the arrival of summer season. A touch of greenery will bring your space to life and transform it from a muted winter look to a strikingly bright summer look.

Mirrors to add light and depth

The use of large mirrors reflects light throughout the living space making it look bigger with added depth. Mirrors allow you to take advantage of the afternoon summer rays streaming into your living room and bedroom space thus adding an extra touch of beauty to your room decor.

Paintings that make a statement

This season is the perfect time to make bold and loud statements through select paintings and wall art. These works of art allow you to easily shift the focal point in the room and create a more vibrant summer experience. Select paintings that reflect your personality and personal preferences. Lean more towards brighter tones of your existing colour palette to achieve that fresh summer look.

Accessorize in keeping with the season

When accessorizing for the summer we tend to look for the bold and unique. This includes textured cushions and large floral prints, citrus elements on consoles or kitchen counters, and accessories that add pops of colour and contrast to your set up.